LA Lakers App - Request For Proposal

LA Lakers - Companion App RFP

One of the most complex exercise in my field that I experienced when I was junior was the RFP (Response For Proposal). If you work in agency you will probably reach this point where you will have to provide a UX Approach and transform blue sky thinkings and unrealistic expectations into a plausible, feasible and/ realistic concept. Well! Hopefully most of the agencies has analytics, users researcher, strategic planner and more. 

But, let assume you are freelancer on your own with as skills, you incredible flair, favorite wires tool and a solid UX understanding to help you out. Bare in mind, there is no wrong answer at this stage.

On my down time I had spent 2 sleepless nights to try an exercise that I've been scared about since my last year in master degree. Therefore, I chose LA Lakers App which I heard would like to give a new UX philosophy to their App:



LA Lakers have requested a mobile solution to engage fans between games and while games are going on - especially in the time between the four periods of the games.

They are targeting young affluent lakers fans based all over the US. The aim is to help turn casual fans into super fans through connection with the players and improved emotional engagement while the games are going on.



LA Lakers - Companion App Concept.006.jpg
LA Lakers - Companion App Concept.012.jpg