Chatbot, Digital’s New Revolution

For the first time ever people are using messenger apps more than social networks.
So, logically, if we distribute online, we want to build where the people are. That place is now inside messenger apps.

We have to unlearn everything we learned over the past 20 years to create an amazing experience in this new browser. This provokes new possibilities of interpreting Artificial Intelligence through the context of chatbot, overseeing the opportunities and the impact into our ways of thinking. 

Chatbot – or Conversational User Interface – appears as a non-visual layer enabling learnings and predictions that can be used by designers, thinkers, analysts, marketers and others for a forward looking. Bringing order to the complex world we live in, making it a customer centric storytelling for anyone.

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6 talks, 4 cities, 2 countries

I had the great pleasure to talk about what lies at the heart of a great customer service, and our conversational user interfaces (CUIs) need to replicate this. We need insight to achieve that, so we must go out and conduct extensive research to see what users actually want. Once we know their needs and expectations, we can begin to build a user interface that meets those needs.

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